In 2019 I was given the pleaser of being a maid of honor in my best friends wedding after years of being just a helper in weddings I was given the chance to actually plan small events and at that moment I realized it wasn't about me it was about the bride and I wanted to give my all and I did just that!

by her side not just as a friend but as a person who wanted to see happiness and be apart of making it last forever.Morning noon and night I slept wedding making sure she had a smile on her face For every question I made sure I had an answer. 

What makes me and my brand unique is that not only do I give my time attention I am very carful and pay attention to detail I listen strive and work hard for perfection I want what you want and I'm very passionate about what I do I value Honesty and Respect and will show nothing but love a support you wont regret choosing me I will work Day or night  to ensure satisfactory by using http://theagame.mayvenn.com Guarantied a new look for that big day and even get installation buy 3 or more qualifying items installation is free by a licensed styles shipping is free check it out now 



We are all Connected and Love Wins!




Weddings,Birthdays,Anniversary's,Social Gatherings ,School and Church Events,Baby Showers you name it your wish is my command


No event is too extreme lets Dream together and make plans I belive with carful planning anything is possible